• Head of Department :     Dr. Mohammad Reza Zarkesh


  • Head Nurse :   Raziye Pour Asadi


  • Location :    Fourth Floor


  • Number of beds : 11


Ward Specialists :

Dr. Mohammad Reza Zarkesh (Sub-Pediatrician & Member of Faculty )
Dr. Maryam Veisi Zade ( Pediatrician & Member of Faculty )
Dr. Efat Yousefi ( Pediatrician & Member of Faculty )
Dr. Hamid Reza Hatam Zade ( Pediatrician )

Definition of NICU : ( Newborn Intensive Care Unit )
Newborns who have unstable signs, are embryonic and don’t have their own ability to do physiologic activities like breathing , hear and gastrological difficulty , will be hospitalized in this unit . They will be sent to Children Ward as soon as getting stable situation

Features of NICU in this center :

•    It is equipped with modern and up-to-date devices , like : physiotherapy and sonography devices , warmer beds , rehabilitation equipments , portable      radiology device and …
•    In terms of national prenatal service rating , NICU of this hospital has got level 3 and it has remarkable ability in treating embryonic newborns .
•    Educational classes are held for nurses to keep their knowledge up to date to serve patients desirably .
•    There is always a fixed pediatrician in this ward . Specialists of this unit meet parents of the patients daily and give them adequate information .


About Hospital

Now, Moheb is famous and popular among people because of its expert specialists, experienced nurses and good services provided for patients.