About IPD

About IPD


Physician of Medical Tourism: Dr. Fatemeh Davari Tanha (Associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology reproductive endocrinologist)


Expert Of Medical Tourism: Shima sadeghi

Position: second floor

Working week: Saturday to Wednesday (at 8 am to 3 pm) and Thursday at 8 am to 12 pm

Phone number: +9821-86089058

Fax: +9821-88948217

P.O.Box: 1598718311

Email: tourism.yas@yahoo.com


Tourism therapy or medical tourism is a travel from one country to another to obtain medical treatment. One reason for such travelling is the lack of similar treatment in their own countries. In addition, sometimes patients prefer medical tourism because the costs of the services could be considerably less than those of their own countries.

Yas Hospital is constructed with the goal of serving the patients and development of health care indicators in the field of female disease. The decision was made to dedicate this hospital to the treatment of women however now the goal is to serve male patients beside female patients.

Yas Hospital was constructed in December 2014. It has 10 floor, 14 wards and 250 beds for hospitalization.

There are many signs in this hospital which can be very helpful to the patients and their accompanies indeed there is a large sign in the ground floor that can be very information for the patients to find wanted locations.

Providing health services with the highest quality in minimum duration with low cost is the goal of the Yas hospital.

Professional Professors and physicians treat the patients in this hospital.

We have established many facilities for the comfort of patients. For instance, there is a coffee shop that patients and their family can spend their time.

We have allocated our best rooms in the VIP ward for international patients. We try to provide the best health care medical services to all patients.

All rooms have equipped to telephone, TV, refirigator, closet, bath room, internet, nursing call and etc.,, for patients.

We believe that the bodies and spirits of patients are very valuable.

Our mission in Yas hospital is offering high quality medical services in a safe place to all our dear patients.



About Hospital

Now, Moheb is famous and popular among people because of its expert specialists, experienced nurses and good services provided for patients.