(Natural childbirth)


  • Head of the ward: Dr. Fateme Rahimi Sherbaf


  • Head nurse: Mozhgahn Danesh Paye


  • Bed capacity: 5 beds (LDR)


  • Location: Fourth Floor


  • Phone number: 4160412

Today labor method (natural childbirth) has great performance in childbirth all over the world. In this method, the mother spends all the pre/post procedures of childbirth in a room called Labor, and patient privacy will be observed, and her displacement will be minimized, also it is possible for her husband to be beside her. Patient’s attendant must pass pre-childbirth training course to be familiar with situation. Labor design is in a way that psychological comfort of the patient is preserved.


Features of the ward:

·  Highly-suitable space with modern design

·  Having special childbirth beds

·  Possibility of pre/post training for the attendant


Moheb Yas Comprehensive Women Hospital is one of the numerable hospitals in Iran having Labor Ward.




About Hospital

Now, Moheb is famous and popular among people because of its expert specialists, experienced nurses and good services provided for patients.